At Steve Rippe Associates, we identify, plan and execute technology solutions for businesses in the Denver metro area where we incorporated in March, 1993.


Our initial service offering consisted of trouble-shooting Macintosh systems at the operating system and networking level. While this is still a significant part of our business today, we now also incorporate Microsoft-based Pcs into our client organizations. Over the years we invested in training to become proficient at supporting the Windows operating systems and now support a large number of multi-platform environments that include Mac OS9, Mac OS 10, Win95, Win98, WinXP, WinNT, Win2000/2003 desktops and servers.

Since 1993 computing platforms and operating systems have gone through several major upgrades. Our clients look to us to make recommendations on hardware, software and system configuration based on their specific needs. Our relationship with our clients is based on their trust in our ability to stay current, and do extensive research on available technologies before making recommendations. Our goal is to seamlessly incorporate upgrades into the existing system, knowing that critical applications cannot be interrupted. Creating a stable and effective computer environment enables your users to be more productive and your company more profitable.

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